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American Apparel Closes Factory Today to March For Immigration Reform

LOS ANGELES--several rallies and protests are planned in Los Angeles to recognize the contributions workers are making to the country and to protest for better working conditions, fair pay, and immigration reform.

American Apparel (AMEX: APP), which has long advocated for comprehensive immigration reform and criticized the apartheid-like treatment of undocumented workers, will close its factory for several hours May 1 so its workers can join the march and related pro-worker activities.

CEO Dov Charney will join the workers to show his support for the fair treatment of all workers, domestically and internationally, and his unwavering support for prompt, fair, and effective immigration reform in the United States.

According to Charney, "Immigration reform is critically important not just from a humanitarian perspective, but also from an economic perspective. Economic growth and stability are adversely affected by the ability of employers to exploit undocumented workers, engage in sweatshop tactics, and drive wages down. Immigration reform will help raise wages and working conditions in Los Angeles and throughout the country."

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