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100% Green Fracking Solution - SteriFrac

Pennsylvania's Oil & Gas Industry Eco-Friendly Solution

DALLAS---Unleashing the natural gas from the Marcellus Shale is now safe for the environment due to a new EPA-approved fracking product called SteriFrac. SteriFrac is a 100% green biocide that will not harm ground water, area land or jeopardize the health of workers during the fracking process.

Traditionally the fracking process pumps a mix of water, sand, and toxic chemicals (a biocide) into a well at high pressure in order to create fractures in the shale allowing the gas and oil to escape. A recent chemical-laced spill at a Pennsylvania drill site triggered concern that fracking fluids can be harmful to a community. SteriFrac, a pH neutral fracking solution is non-toxic, non-combustible and non-corrosive, therefore eliminating any need for concerns that it might harm the environment. The product essentially mimics a natural, bacteria killing biocide (hypochlorous acid) found in the human body.

The expansive Marcellus Shale natural gas deposit that extends through parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New York often applies fracking fluids to release the gas. SteriFrac is an eco-friendly alternative that makes this process safe. Industry users can also use SteriFrac for treating sour wells, flood injection water, water-treatment plants and gas storage wells to control the production of microorganisms that produce odors and slime. Presently fracking companies spanning three states are applying SteriFrac with amazing results. As a consequence 100 percent of those SteriFrac users have made repeat purchases.

Rain Nation, LLC sells SteriFrac nationally for the exclusive distributor. For product purchasing details, call Ralph Ruffolo, the Pennsylvania SteriFrac Rep, at 724-934-8775 or email:

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